Crosswords With Friends July 25, 2017 Answers

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Slang word for a potato
Make sharper, like a blade
Globelike objects
"___ the ramparts we watched ..."
Multilayered haircut
Childbirth process
Address that begins "http": Abbr.
The seven ___ sins
Read quickly
Build up, as a fortune
Supply weapons to
In the center of
Units of okra
Two-year-old, for example
Supersized cinematic experience
Baseball Hall of Famer ___ Griffey, Jr.
Part of the face where blush is applied
Insect that a pro team from Charlotte is named for
Goldie Hawn, to Kate Hudson
Predatory bird's claw
Neckwear items men typically skip on casual Friday
Parts of the eyes that close when you fall asleep
"So what have you been ___ lately?": 2 wds.
What a bearish stockbroker wants you to do
Respect among an in-group, in modern lingo
Plastic container for Silly Putty
Rock singer Reed
What an emcee speaks into, for short
"Go away, you annoying fly!"
Snail-like animal that leaves a slime trail
___ over (perused carefully)
Copy someone else's post on Facebook
With 24-Across, Netflix sitcom about a cult survivor starting over in New York City
___ Moines, Iowa
Friend, in Mexico
Actor ___ Scott who was in HBO's "Big Little Lies"
Completely engrossed
Lena Dunham's HBO show that concluded this spring
Sound heard on a dairy farm
See 12-Across: 2 wds.
"Dark Shadows" actress Green
Parts of jackets that go over the head
Boy ___ door (wholesome guy)
Six years, for a US senator
Sci-fi classic starring Sigourney Weaver
Los Angeles school whose teams are the Trojans: Abbr.
Actress who plays the lead role in 12-/24-Across: 2 wds.
"Pay for ___ or services" (option on PayPal)
"Wheel of Fortune" category for an answer like GAME OF THRONES
Pistols and revolvers
Opposite of hot



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