Crosswords With Friends November 27, 2021 Answers

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Baseball official, for short
Former vice presidential candidate Palin
Red Sox or Blue Jackets, for example
___ Maria (Christian prayer)
Physically flexible
Japan's continent
"The ___ Commandments"
Settle, as a debt
US president (1945-1953) who was not a college graduate: 2 wds.
Casual top that usually has a crew neck
Bit of shenanigans
Big to-do: Hyph.
Amount due to the IRS
Finger food at a luau
US president (1861-1865) who was not a college graduate: 2 wds.
John ___ (man whose identity is unknown)
Quick jump in the pool
In the ___ days (long ago)
Kagan of the Supreme Court
"Ugly Betty" and "Love, Victor" actress Ortiz
US president (1817-1825) who was not a college graduate: 2 wds.
Winston-___ (city in North Carolina)
"Calvin and Hobbes" bully
Metal that's measured in karats
"The Color Purple" author Walker
First day of most workweeks: Abbr.
Candy Crush ___ (popular app)
Pinball players' infractions
Hoover ___ (structure on the Colorado River)
Where Provo is
___ Verde National Park, Colorado
Non-glossy, like some paint
Eggs ___ easy
List of entrées
Type of plastic wrap in the kitchen
FBI or CIA operative
Have a ___-roaring good time
Mobile's state: Abbr.
"___ Baby" (No Doubt hit)
___ Stewart Living (lifestyle magazine)
Slangy assent
Opposite of "mini-"
Apple's music player
Fashion designer Kenneth
"A good time was ___ by all"
Double-reed woodwind
1980s Dodgers pitcher Hershiser
"I didn't need to know that!": Abbr.
Mountain in a European range
Holiday ___ (hotel chain)
Lambert who sings with Queen
"Mustn't do" thing: Hyph.
Trolley bells' sounds
Pilot's bailout button
They're above the numbers on many sports uniforms
Alter, as a legal document
"The Conners" actress Kenney
The "S" in "ASAP"
"___ to Perdition" (Tom Hanks movie)
Olympic gymnastics legend Korbut
Dutch cheese with a waxy rind
Used a park bench
"Aladdin" prince
Rapper ___ Baby



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