Crosswords With Friends January 23, 2021 Answers

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Peas' place
Place for ordering mixed drinks
Trawling tools on a shrimp boat
___ Baba
"Is this ___ kind of joke?"
Celebrity with a fan club
1990s computer games were sold on them: Abbr.
"That was a long week!": Abbr.
Warrior played by Lucy Lawless
"Impression, Sunrise" painter who was born in Paris on November 14, 1840: 2 wds.
Government agency whose website has a Free File option: Abbr.
Work out on the treadmill
With 34-Across, "The Dancing Class" painter who was born in Paris on July 19, 1834
"___ Lasso" (Jason Sudeikis sitcom)
"I've been around the block a ___ times"
Stuff you take with you on a hike, say
Digit you can wiggle
In need of an ice bath or a heating pad, maybe
Night ___ (person often up in the wee hours)
___ tip (advice from an expert)
See 22-Across
"I ___ what you did there"
Chair part where you rest your elbow
"Two Tahitian Women" painter who was born in Paris on June 7, 1848: 2 wds.
___ Domini (what "A.D." means)
Email that often gets blocked
"And lots of others": Abbr.
In a ___ (feeling surly)
___ Spunkmeyer (baked goods company)
"Doctor ___" (Jodie Whittaker series)
Actor Green who co-created "Robot Chicken"
Prefix for "issue" or "threatening"
Put in sutures
Ms. ___-Man (early video game)
"It's the same ___ story"
Frisbee's shape
Like counterfeit bills
In the center of
Boxing match official
First US president to visit China while in office
Where Adam and Eve met
Word that can follow "muscle" or "dial"
Strip of wood in an Adirondack chair
___ Carter ("The Hate U Give" heroine)
Person who spreads misinformation
Messy stuff people might wrestle in
Personal feeling that can be bruised or inflated
Mtn ___ Game Fuel (energy drink)
Gadot of "Wonder Woman 1984"
"Don't stay up ___ late"
Vision-obscuring weather
Notable period of time
Actor Bentley or Studi
Crime of betraying one's nation
Prefix with "sweet," on a bag of chocolate chips
Small piece stuck into a cribbage board
Bongo and snare, for example
South and Central American mammal that doesn't move quickly
One more time
Get a grade that's good enough
Sister of Prince Charles
Pound or kilogram, for example
Step ___ the plate: 2 wds.
What's happening in the world
Go with ___ flow
Animal that says "moo"



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