Crosswords With Friends October 18, 2020 Answers

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Traffic ___ (driving delays)
Large, black-and-white ocean mammal
Long, thin metal bar
Bright as ___ penny: 2 wds.
Estate planning document
"That sets my teeth on ___"
2015 Pixar film about emotions in which Mindy Kaling voices Disgust: 2 wds.
Gourmet's area of expertise
Acquire knowledge
Soul singer Erykah
"Mary Had a Little ___"
Bob Marley's music genre
Nickname of the president between Harry and Jack
___ and con
Like an old, bad apple
2020 Netflix series created by Mindy Kaling and inspired by her own high school experience: 4 wds.
"Bend It Like Beckham" actress Knightley
Diet Mountain ___ (soft drink)
Program file-name extension
What a swimming pool "cannonball" produces
Wines like Syrah and Pinot Noir
___ business (entertainment industry)
Gather in large amounts
Flowing part of Supergirl's uniform
2019 movie written by Mindy Kaling, who plays a writer for a TV host: 2 wds.
Lyft competitor
December 24 and December 31, for example
Sci-fi princess played by Carrie Fisher
___ for mercy (pleads desperately)
Ooze slowly
Sports award presented by a cable TV network
MLK's "Letter From Birmingham ___"
"Ocean's 8" costar Hathaway
Arizona city named for a type of hill
Word for soft-serve ice cream made from two flavors
Maintain a credit card balance, for example
Brazilian city where "Fast Five" is set, for short
Word that can follow "billy" or "book"
Raised structure in a church
Asylum seeker
"Much ___ About Nothing"
"Can ___ home now?": 2 wds.
Was at the front of the pack
Microscopic discovery at a crime scene: Abbr.
"Indecent Proposal" star Moore
Abbreviation on speedometers
"Anything Like Me" singer Paisley
"They ___ us a run for our money"
2020 Emmy winner Trebek
"Jane ___" (2011 movie)
Cartoonists' liquids
Hold onto
"It's all ___ but the shouting"
They're used to wipe off blackboards and whiteboards
Itchy skin reaction
Female that says "baa"
2003 Disney movie starring Shia LaBeouf
"Downton Abbey" actor Stevens
Welcoming hand signal
Numbers often included when listing grandchildren
Yacht or cargo vessel, for example
Don't leave
Young panda
Homer's dad on "The Simpsons"
Wooden pin on a coatrack
Casual shirt that may have a crew neck or scoop neck
"Sixth sense": Abbr.



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