Crosswords With Friends January 14, 2020 Answers

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"Rudolph, with your ___ so bright ..." (Christmas carol lyric)
Roth ___ (nest egg option): Abbr.
Mysterious sightings in the sky: Abbr.
Money posted to free someone from jail
Worn-down pencil
Merry-go-round or Ferris wheel, for example
With 21-Across, quirky Fox sitcom that later moved to Netflix
Soft cheese served at parties
Spoil the beauty of
Cars lead singer Ric who died in September 2019
See 15-Across
The main ___ (headline match, in sports)
Actor DiCaprio, to fans
Service station purchase
___ Plus (shampoo brand)
Kitchen tool that might have a nonstick coating
It goes through pants loops
Major-league player
Pale and sickly looking
Sporty Mazda model
Channel 4 (UK) sci-fi anthology that later moved to Netflix: 2 wds.
Musical set at Rydell High School
By leaps ___ bounds
Plumbing problem
A&E western crime drama that later moved to Netflix
Word that begins many fairy tales
"___ your age!"
Cosmetics company known for "calling"
Actor Jay of "Jerry Maguire"
Booster group for schools: Abbr.
"I ___ a minute to think"
Kevin Durant's league: Abbr.
Rowboat paddle
Respectful term of address for a man
"The Fifth ___" (Bruce Willis sci-fi film)
"Skip ___" (Netflix option)
"The Golden Girls" actress McClanahan
Body part also called the midriff
"Somebody Like You" singer Keith
Stick-shift setting for very low speeds: 2 wds.
Dog in a Jim Davis comic strip
Search for
Seasoning in a shaker
Top box in a corporate hierarchy chart: Abbr.
Actor Johnny of "Sleepy Hollow"
"I'm as ready as I'll ___ be"
Coastal Florida town with a Disney Resort: 2 wds.
What a pirate might force someone to walk
Person in Cher's vocal range
"___ Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"
Warm-up circuit in an auto race: 2 wds.
Best Picture winner between "12 Years a Slave" and "Spotlight"
"___ it something I said?"
___ vase (ancient Chinese collectible)
Los Angeles basketball player
___ ray (sea creature also called a "devilfish")
Latch (onto)
Nevada gambling city
Month whose birthstone is the opal: Abbr.
"___ been waiting for this moment"
Salmon eggs
Opposite of start



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