Crosswords With Friends October 09, 2019 Answers

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Weep and ___ (bawl)
Actor who shortened his first name from Mahershalalhashbaz
Many a Jordanian or Syrian
"How ___ can I say this ..."
Apple desktop computer
Pasta sauce brand with an accent mark in its name
1971 "ocular" hit by the Who: 3 wds.
"Hi," in Barcelona
Full of attitude, like a smart-mouthed teenager
What Harvard is to Yale
"Dutch" trees
Legendary guitarist Clapton
Very long story
Double-helix molecule: Abbr.
With 34-Across, 1972 "ocular" hit by Jackson Browne
See 31-Across: 2 wds.
"___ of These Nights" (Eagles hit)
Company that makes headphones and home speakers
Pack of playing cards
And other people: 2 wds.
Teeth of boars and walruses
Gather in a pile
___ and lascivious conduct
1981 "ocular" hit by Kim Carnes: 3 wds.
The Dalai ___
Red sky at morning, supposedly
___ Scotia (Canadian province)
Online site where artisans sell handmade products
Liquor in a Negroni or a Greyhound
Shoot-out in an old western movie
World Wide ___
Kind of beer that barley wine is
"Grown-___" (sitcom on Freeform)
Hawaiian adornment that may contain flowers or shells
"___, I can't hear you" ("I'm not listening ..."): 3 wds.
Hospital section for post-surgery patients: Abbr.
Residential ___ (neighborhood)
Matures, as a fine Parmesan cheese
___ as a beaver
Wedding vow affirmation: 2 wds.
Alexander Ovechkin's league: Abbr.
Exam section that requires a lot of writing
Decorate in a new style
Mineral that anemic people need
Movie in which Christian Bale portrayed Dick Cheney
Perform on Broadway, say
Film studio with a lion logo
Colors, as hair
Part of the body where the jugular veins are
___ permission (tries to get approval)
More than merely chubby
Turn to compost
Last three letters of a university's online address
Deli product from Genoa
Smallest two-digit prime number
Football scores often followed by extra points: Abbr.
Fit for the job
Ham or lamb, for example
Money devices in casinos and hotels: Abbr.
Rihanna song that hit #3 in 2013
Be the last person standing
Be thrown in at the deep ___
"Good for ___!"
Cain's mother, in Genesis
ESPN football reporter Paolantonio



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