Crosswords With Friends September 11, 2019 Answers

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A bit wet
Pot's top
Website whose categories include "Collectibles & Art" and "Business & Industrial"
Frozen drink with cola, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors
Back to square ___
Morse ___
"Borg vs McEnroe" star LaBeouf
First name of Mitt Romney's wife
Bird that's pictured on Canadian dollar coins
World War II veteran who played a WWII brigadier general in "The Longest Day": 2 wds.
"The" in French plurals
Baffling puzzle
The path of ___ resistance
With 33-Across, World War II veteran who played a soldier on a suicide mission in "The Dirty Dozen"
Rowboat stick
"Hip, hip, hooray!"
"What ___ going to do without you?": 2 wds.
See 29-Across
Tyler Perry character who has appeared in 11 live-action films and one animated film
Part of a movie that a spoiler might spoil
World War II veteran who played a WWII submarine commander in "Run Silent, Run Deep": 2 wds.
"The Shining" star Nicholson
Baseball's Marlins, on a scoreboard
It's what a defendant might "cop" to get a lesser sentence
Lake that rhymes with "weary"
Put on an ___ (make believe)
Sardine containers
Greenish-blue shade
Pointy item on a golf course
"X marks the ___"
"... and the ___ ran away with the spoon"
Something a masseur might help relieve
Beef lo ___ (Chinese menu item)
Gems that come from oysters
Is lazy rather than working
___ particular order: 2 wds.
"Presumed Innocent" actor Brian
Long pastry that is filled with either cream or custard
Sound from an unhappy audience member
Big commotion
Asian currency whose symbol is ¥
"So near and ___ so far"
Evidence obtained from a cheek swab: Abbr.
Happy-sounding brand of plastic wrap
Internet phenomenon that often dies out quickly
Continent with the most chopsticks usage
"Frontal" or "temporal" part of the brain
Acquire through effort
Nickname of J.Lo's fiancé: Hyph.
"I ___ see that"
Surface on which to practice the lotus position: 2 wds.
Five-cent piece
Show with a "Weekend Update" segment: Abbr.
GQ or Cosmopolitan, for short
Turns from a book into a movie, for example
Use Rollerblades
___ Krispies Treats
Radar screen image
Former "Tonight Show" host known for his large chin
Alabama-to-Georgia direction
747 or 787, for example
"What ___ you waiting for?"
Government group whose employees may be called "spooks": Abbr.



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