Crosswords With Friends April 15, 2019 Answers

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Network of "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race"
Young poodle or pointer
Reason for extra innings, in baseball
Kitten's foot
Yoko from Tokyo
"Life of Pi" director ___ Lee
"Blade Runner 2049" star: 2 wds.
Rock band ___ Speedwagon
What you might request when your car has broken down
They contain protons and electrons
2018 biopic starring 13-Across as Neil Armstrong: 2 wds.
Liam Gallagher's brother in the band Oasis
File folder projection
Drive-in fast food chain
___ Sremmurd ("Black Beatles" duo)
Longtime "The Young and the Restless" actor Braeden
2016 romantic musical starring 13-Across and Emma Stone: 3 wds.
Placed on a scale of 1 to 10, say
Luxury division of Toyota
Segment of a relay race
Stitched border of a garment
2004 romantic drama starring 13-Across and based on a Nicholas Sparks novel: 2 wds.
Tool that can be used in a lake
Spider-Man portrayer Holland
"Bill ___ Saves the World" (Netflix series)
"At Home With ___ Sedaris"
Rabbit's movement
Lifeguard's lifesaving skill: Abbr.
"Transformers" director Michael
Groups of bees
___ stick (springy toy)
Numero ___
Denver's biggest newspaper
Island whose capital is Taipei
Holiday ___ Express (hotel chain)
Breakfast food that might be scrambled
Sparrows' homes
Close to the ground
Subsequent to
Miss America's glittery crown
Travel around the Earth, like the International Space Station
Dr. Seuss character who says "I speak for the trees"
Action star Reeves
Kids ride them down snowy hills
"Manchester by the Sea" actress Gretchen
CNN political commentator Navarro
Johnson who won the 13th season of "American Idol"
Crunchy green vegetable that's one of the "8" in V8 juice
Sour, yellow fruits
Unit of Cub Scouts
Moody teenager in black guyliner, perhaps
Natural rope fiber
"It fits you ___ T": 2 wds.
Popular meat for sandwiches
"You can't be ___ careful"
Olive ___ (Popeye's girlfriend)
Letter or number struck by a typist



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