Crosswords With Friends January 11, 2019 Answers

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"He needs to be taken down a ___!"
Will Arnett's "Arrested Development" character
Walt Whitman wrote them
Rower's blade
Words spoken at the altar: 2 wds.
"___ Tribeca" (Rashida Jones comedy series)
Big-league player
2013 Masters winner who shares his name with a "Parks and Recreation" actor: 2 wds.
Rent-to-___ (purchasing option)
Predicted landing hour: Abbr.
Former Celtics power forward who shares his name with a "Glee" actor: 2 wds.
The "J" or "K" in "J.K. Rowling"
Meat that's often served with mint jelly
Caustic chemical used to clean ovens
Tumblr image, for short
"Well, I'll be darned!"
"___ but not least ..."
Bodybuilders flex them
2018 AP Coach of the Year who shares his name with the singer of "I Left My Heart in San Francisco": 2 wds.
Bartender on "The Simpsons"
"You're ___ to talk!"
Former Chicago Bears quarterback who shares his name with a four-time Mr. Olympia winner: 2 wds.
Wild ox of Asia
Body of water like the Atlantic
Cousin ___ on "The Addams Family"
___ out (get, but just barely)
They're sometimes multiple-choice
Dell and Lenovo products: Abbr.
1/7 of a week
"___ Goes the Weasel"
Serving of corn
Most excellent, to Austin Powers
"The Assassination of ___ Versace: American Crime Story"
Snake that squeezes its prey
It's often served with chicken parmigiana
Available to work, as a doctor: 2 wds.
Science-oriented school in Cambridge: Abbr.
Full collection
Unexcited interjection popularized by "The Simpsons"
Ability to make others laugh
What hit men do
Single-named Celtic singer
Diagram with a "You are here" label
Go up, like someone trying to reach the top of a mountain
Good at spotting hard-to-see things: Hyph.
Most superior
Signal for an actor
Yowling animal in an alley
Nasal sounds made by pigs
"The Situation Room" broadcaster
Proper ___ (words that are usually capitalized)
"You'll be the death of me ___!"
Scribble (down)
Brand of elastic bandages
"I'll agree to that"
Part of the face that a pouting person sticks out
"And lots more": Abbr.
Letters before an alias
It unlocks something



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