Crosswords With Friends November 08, 2018 Answers

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"What ___ you implying?"
River barriers
"Cut that out!"
Smoked salmon on a bagel
Continent bordered by the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans
Popular hot brew containing Indian spices
One-word Carole King album that is #10 on Billboard's Greatest of All Time Albums
Lincoln Center for the Performing ___
Pungent scent
___ footage (film before it's edited)
Saxophone-playing kid on "The Simpsons"
Marriage vow words: 2 wds.
Shoe part that might be a spike or a wedge
Thin cracker dispensed for communion
What's-___-face ("that lady")
Young man from Edinburgh
"... we all scream for ___ cream"
Madison Square Garden or the United Center, for example
Earth-conscious prefix
Drink in a kettle
Shortcut for making a cake or brownies
Out of ___ (irritable)
Travel outside your cell phone's coverage area
The lion, in astrology
"Run ___ Run" (1998 movie starring Franka Potente)
Neptune was the Roman god of it
Madcap, like a Three Stooges routine
"___ that a lot": 2 wds.
One-word Def Leppard album that is #25 on Billboard's Greatest of All Time Albums
"There was nothing ___ they could do"
Cookie with a new Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie variety
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" cable channel
Scottish loch where a "monster" supposedly lives
___ of endearment (word like "sweetie")
Witchy woman
Low-voiced woman
Yellow Brick ___ (pathway in Oz)
Major event at a convention center, for short
Crime show prosecutors: Abbr.
Pet dog on "The Jetsons"
Oscar-winning actress Sorvino
Request from someone pouring a drink: 2 wds.
Post office device for weighing packages
One-word Michael Jackson album that is #3 on Billboard's Greatest of All Time Albums
Grains that are sometimes "rolled"
City with a tower that's tilted 4°
Great Lake or Pennsylvania city
Movie genre that's primarily serious
Wipe clean, as a whiteboard
Clever humor
Playing card with a single pip
One-word Taylor Swift album that is #4 on Billboard's Greatest of All Time Albums
Wizard's evil spell
"You need to clean up your ___!"
___ Equis (beer that had "The Most Interesting Man in the World" ads)
Snare drum sound effect after a performer's punch line: 2 wds.
Seep slowly, like mud
Hall & ___ ("Sara Smile" singers)
___ tag (game played with light beams)
Legal property claim
Leer at in a creepy way
Charlotte Brontë novel "Jane ___"
Most sensitive part of the foot, usually
"Project Runway" judge ___ Garcia
Yin and ___
"Venom" star Hardy



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