Crosswords With Friends October 11, 2018 Answers

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What chefs do
Irish-style bars
"Enemies, A Love Story" actress Lena
"You might want to pay attention!" sound
Actress ___ Marie Saint who was a presenter at the 2018 Oscars
Salvador who painted melting clocks
Dog that accompanied Dorothy to Oz
Hot under the collar
Band that Camila Cabello belonged to before going solo: 2 wds.
Prefix that means "modern"
Kind of beverage that Earl Grey is
"May ___ excused?": 2 wds.
Travel by horse
"The Lord of the Rings" or "Game of Thrones," for example
Band that Beyoncé belonged to before going solo: 2 wds.
In addition
Fall Out Boy bassist Wentz
"Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With ___" (2004 Disney direct-to-video film)
Had a bite
Band that Zayn Malik belonged to before going solo: 2 wds.
What crayons are made of
"___ silly question ...": 2 wds.
Lose one's grip on
Biblical woman featured in Milton's poem "Paradise Lost"
Christmas carol
"A Simple Favor" star Kendrick
Times Square's location: Abbr.
Me, myself, ___: 2 wds.
Gas in some lighted bar signs
Cape ___, Massachusetts
Animated snowman who is created during the song "Let It Go"
Quality shared by grease and butter
Utensil on the right side of the plate
The ___ of least resistance
"This could be bad": Hyph.
Trial run for a computer app: 2 wds.
Gooey treat on a campout
Young clownfish who's a friend to Dory
___ the Terrible (long-ago Russian ruler)
Leading ___ (female movie star)
Actress Spelling
Alan Alda sitcom set in Korea
Ore-___ (Tater Tots brand)
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air"
How Internet pals may not have yet met: 2 wds.
Just for Men product
Carried by the atmosphere, like some viruses
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner brand)
"Much ___ About Nothing"
Amphibian with warty skin
"The Princess and the Frog" princess
"Elementary" actor ___ Quinn
Wilson who voices Lightning McQueen in the "Cars" films
Dark shade of blue
Business bigwig, for short
___ out a living (barely got by)
Los Angeles's state, in slang
Action to be avoided: Hyph.
___ for gold (what prospectors used to do)



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