Crosswords With Friends September 12, 2018 Answers

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Mom and ___
Burst like a balloon
Scratch with sharp talons
Supportive shout to a toreador
Color on the American flag
Prestigious university in Connecticut
Noisy type of dancing
Fish with sharp teeth, or the title of a Heart song
"My quest ___ an end!": 2 wds.
Spiny crustacean, or the title of a B-52's song: 2 wds.
Up to the point that
Photo ___ (chances for publicity)
Untidy disarray
What Tarzan called his son
People you're related to
Word of greeting
Bunny from Wonderland, or the title of a Jefferson Airplane song: 2 wds.
Despise intensely
"Do ___ others ..." (the Golden Rule)
Dark-feathered flyer, or the title of a Beatles song
Drag queen's hair, often
___ the system (flout the rules)
Give the go-ahead
Night before a holiday
Big boats like Noah built
Hair-shaping product
Hair-coloring product
___ your i's and cross your t's (be thorough)
State between Mississippi and Georgia: Abbr.
Greek philosopher who learned from Socrates
"The odds are not on ___ side"
The "P" in "MPG"
Series that repeats regularly
Former "Today" cohost Matt who was replaced by Hoda Kotb
Actor Alan of "M*A*S*H"
Gradually stop bottle-feeding, say
The NBA's game, for short: Hyph.
Bible book between John and Romans
Equipment needed for Alpine and Nordic Olympic events
Liquor that comes in dark and light varieties
"Admit ___" (phrase on a ticket)
Trailblazer Daniel or singer Pat
James Bond's job
Little ___ (small amount)
Burden of money still owed
Nudged with a bent arm
___ Young Band ("Crazy Girl" country group)
What to boil water in
101-year-old actor ___ Douglas
Conveniently accessible
Hit really hard
Ham ___ (pork knuckles)
Opposite of urban
Band whose song "Dancing Queen" is in the Grammy Hall of Fame
"It's all a ___" ("My memory's hazy")
Swampy area
Soul music's Turner
Plant that climbs trees and walls



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