Crosswords With Friends September 04, 2018 Answers

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Winter vehicle pulled by a team of dogs
Young boy
Wetland such as the Okefenokee in Florida
___ minimizer (beauty product)
"___ Am" (Alicia Keys album): 2 wds.
Hawaiian-style porch
Solo sung by a diva
"___/Tuck" (2000s medical drama series)
___ 3000 (half of the duo OutKast)
Indian-American comedian featured in NBC's "The Office": 2 wds.
Attention-getting shout
Nonprofit group's URL ending
Group that raises funds for schools: Abbr.
Emily Dickinson, for one
Genre of the band Dashboard Confessional
Former heavyweight champion Spinks
Pakistani-American comedian starring in "Silicon Valley": 2 wds.
Without any moisture
Metropolitan Museum of ___
"She wouldn't hurt ___": 2 wds.
Australian singer who recorded the album "1000 Forms of Fear"
"___ to Joy" (Beethoven work)
Korean-American comedian who starred in "Drop Dead Diva": 2 wds.
___ Fools' Day
Land that celebrates St. Patrick's Day: Abbr.
Restaurant that changed its last letter to a B for a brief period in June
Steamy place in a gym or hotel
Prefix that means "modern"
Best ___ Athlete (ESPY Award category won five times by Tiger Woods)
Supplied with weaponry
Neon or nitrogen, for example
Paradise in Genesis
Email from a "Nigerian prince" scammer, for example
"Fuller House" actress Loughlin
Sports journalist Andrews
Devoted fan of Jerry Garcia's band
Tall and thin
Continent with 4.5 billion people
Person who's skilled in international negotiations
Informal lingo
Wedding dress designer Vera
Cease ___ desist
Third month of the year: Abbr.
Dessert that's baked in a pan
Mythical Tibetan snowman
Waffle ___ (kitchen appliance)
Ring, as bells
Vikings coach Sparano who died July 22
Folk-rocker DiFranco
Forget to include
Making very angry
Channel with the reality shows "Bring It!" and "The Rap Game"
Actor Penn of "Designated Survivor"
Secluded retreat
Chinese gemstone
Course that's often topped with dressing
Sandwich cookies with a Kettle Corn variety
Where you might find coal or gold
Fifth-largest African country in terms of size
Courtney Love's rock band
Not closed
Cool ___ cucumber: 2 wds.
___ for the course (typical)
Daiquiri ingredient



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