Crosswords With Friends August 10, 2018 Answers

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Prefix for "potent" or "present"
"NCIS: New Orleans" network
Armed conflict between nations
Flinch or frown, for example
"Yes," in the Navy
Longtime actor Wallach
Italian city known for its salami
Medical test that might be rough for claustrophobics: Abbr.
Cover a ___ of ground (be wide-ranging)
Former Chiefs/Falcons tight end with 14 Pro Bowl selections: 2 wds.
Nickname for Sylvester Stallone
Fish that might slip through a net
"Let's make ___ true Daily Double, Alex": 2 wds.
State whose Division I teams include the Ducks and the Beavers: Abbr.
In and amongst
Patriots tight end with five Pro Bowl selections: 2 wds.
Mediocre: Hyph.
___ and tonic (cocktail often garnished with a lime wedge)
Birthstone, for example
Feature of Michael Strahan's front teeth
Group that publishes Shooting Illustrated: Abbr.
Former Chargers tight end with eight Pro Bowl selections: 2 wds.
Word that can precede "sauce" or "milk"
Short snooze
Female character around whom Tyler Perry has built a franchise
Kid who's always getting into trouble
"Ready Player ___" (2018 movie)
"Peekaboo, I ___ you!"
Hither and ___
Covered in black liquid
iPod Mini's successor
Small symbols on a computer desktop
Clothing that helps the wearer blend in with the surroundings, for short
"Hereditary" actor Gabriel
Confiscate, as illegal drugs
Not ill
Succulent used for treatment of minor burns
Cracker brand with Bacon and Whole Wheat varieties
"Look What You Made Me Do" singer Swift
Pita-and-lamb sandwich
"There should be ___ against that!": 2 wds.
Agency that was affected by the Tax Reform Act of 1986: Abbr.
___ hot to handle
Muscles that are visible on a toned stomach
Where Harry and Meghan live: Abbr.
Flavor enhancer that gives some folks a headache: Abbr.
"I Like ___" (1950s presidential campaign slogan)
Make less bright
"Wake Me Up Before You ___" (Wham! hit): Hyph.
Title for Henry VIII or George III
Area where you enter the freeway: Hyph.
Ray Charles's instrument
Company that created Pong and Asteroids
Label on some damaged merchandise: 2 wds.
Alaskan seaport town
Use the hunt-and-peck method, maybe
Where Adam and Eve lived
Look for
"In ___ event ..." ("Regardless ...")



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