Crosswords With Friends June 26, 2018 Answers

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Deer that isn't a stag
"Designated Survivor" actor Penn
Use your teeth
Medicinal drips in the ICU: Abbr.
Chicken ___ king: 2 wds.
Angelic headgear
"Just a ___!" ("One moment!")
Oscar ___ (Academy Award nomination, informally)
Paintballs and cannonballs, for short
Nickname of Uzo Aduba's character on "Orange Is the New Black": 2 wds.
Dessert that could be filled with rhubarb or sweet potato
Ward off
Hero of "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom"
Red Roof ___ (hotel chain)
Have debts to pay
Lead character played by Taylor Schilling on "Orange Is the New Black": 2 wds.
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" craft: Abbr.
Fish such as a lamprey or conger
Pimply skin condition
Move edgewise, not forward
The fourth month: Abbr.
"Orange Is the New Black" character played by Laura Prepon: 2 wds.
"___ Driver" (2017 movie)
Sugar snap ___ (small vegetable)
Down with the flu, maybe
"I'll believe it when ___ it": 2 wds.
The ___ and outs (all the details)
Dim ___ (type of Chinese cuisine)
Actress who starred in "Mask" and "Silkwood"
Feline creature
Anton ___ (restaurant critic in "Ratatouille")
___ jockey (radio personality)
"The honeymoon is ___"
Getaway capsule in sci-fi movies: 2 wds.
"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" rapper West
Plant gel used on burns
___ Gaga
Pursue in a game of tag
Overperforming actor
Tree with "American" and "Dutch" varieties
Chinese-born "Face/Off" director John
Fan publication, for short
___ Mode (character in "Incredibles 2")
Star of the "Mission: Impossible" films: 2 wds.
Scottish actor McGregor
"Nightcrawler" actress Russo
Magnum ___ (artist's greatest work)
Something a coffeehouse might offer for free: Hyph.
Skating on thin ___
Detroit Red Wings' organization: Abbr.
Fishing rod attachment
___ John's (pizza chain)
Ozone ___
"Halt!" to a pirate
Grand in scope
"___: Warrior Princess"
Garden pest that leaves a slime trail
Muppet who's ticklish
Company known for lighters and razors
Something that's spewed out of a volcano
Spelling ___ (word-based competition)



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