Crosswords With Friends April 16, 2018 Answers

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"Right away": Abbr.
Swanky gathering
Film that might have a cast of thousands
Scrapbooking or quilting, for example
Jeans fabric
Lip-___ (pretend to sing)
Seattle baseball player
"12 ___ or less" (checkout lane sign)
"___ Wives" (reality show about women in Mafia families)
Suffix with "nectar" or "serpent"
Single frame from an old Disney cartoon
Cat food brand with a Purrfect Delights product line
Alexis Bledel's "Gilmore Girls" character
Bart Simpson's teacher, ___ Krabappel
Little kids
Place for a body wrap or a facial
Feature of a witch's nose, stereotypically
"Give them an ___ and they'll take a mile"
President Lincoln's nickname
Flame source that fits in one's pocket
Have a throbbing pain
Breakfast chain known for its blue roofs
"Who's there?" reply, often: 2 wds.
Company that rents lots of vans: Hyph.
Crop-producing businesses
Tender to the touch
Snakelike, slippery sea creatures
Mega Stuf ___ (sandwich cookie with a lot of creme filling)
Short-lived sensations, such as the Harlem Shake and the Tide pod challenge
Foot of a furry friend
2008 French Open champion Ivanovic
___ the bullet (went forward despite feeling reluctant)
What a number denotes on the front of a birthday card
Music recordings that largely replaced vinyl and cassettes: Abbr.
1997 Guillermo del Toro sci-fi/horror movie starring Mira Sorvino
Slowly drain, like energy
Daisy Ridley's character in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
Do penance
"___ Baba and the Forty Thieves"
___ Arbor (city that's home to the University of Michigan)
Resist authority
2013 Guillermo del Toro sci-fi/monster movie that earned over $400 million worldwide: 2 wds.
Cash dispenser: Abbr.
Earliest stage, as of symptoms
Go skinny-dipping, perhaps
"My lips ___ sealed!"
Uno uno, in Spanish
2006 Guillermo del Toro dark fantasy film set in Spain that won three Oscars: 2 wds.
Joan of ___
"Rocks," in a cocktail
___ browns (breakfast potatoes that are often shredded)
Upper leg
"Mars Attacks!" spaceship: Abbr.
With 55-Across, 2017 Guillermo del Toro sci-fi/fantasy film that won Best Picture and three other Oscars: 3 wds.
___ Blue Ribbon (beer brand)
Tool used to row crew
Significant section of a time line
Japanese cartoon style used in "Sailor Moon"
Bacardi or Captain Morgan liquor
___ Zeppelin
See 42-Across
South African golf great Ernie
Letters that signal a call for help



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