Crosswords With Friends March 13, 2018 Answers

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Shake, as a disapproving finger
Cooking liquid that can come from olives or peanuts
Type of lyrical poem
Most tightly packed
Look around a store before buying
"... and pretty maids all in a ___"
Gorilla or chimpanzee, for example
New York baseball team that Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza played for
Furry creature from Endor's moon, in "Return of the Jedi"
___ cap (covering on a camera)
Actor John who was born in South Korea
Sports organization with the Blackhawks and Rangers: Abbr.
"History of ___" (Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake series of hip-hop skits)
___-seeking missile
Soul and jazz singer ___ James
Tie the ___ (get married)
The "I" in "TGIF"
A valedictorian's might be 4.0: Abbr.
Hoity-toity person
All-night party with house music
Replied "guilty" or "not guilty" in court
Everest, Fuji, or Ararat: Abbr.
___ Miss Rebels (SEC team)
What a URL leads to: 2 wds.
Seamstress's activity
Holder for coal or garbage
What a smoker flicks from a cigarette
Manhattan ___ chowder
Drifter who rides the rails
___ League (group that includes Algeria and Egypt)
"That's a tough ___ to follow!"
Mess things up
___ tai (rhyming cocktail)
Freddy Krueger's street, in a horror franchise
Accessory for a hula dancer
Ready to go
Building material that comes from trees
Undergarment with band and cup sizes
Sideshow ___ (Krusty the Clown's sidekick after Sideshow Bob, on "The Simpsons")
Assistant in the Senate
Wheat or alfalfa, on a farm
Wool-covered female animal
"It's Always Sunny ..." actor who plays a biology teacher on NBC's "A.P. Bio": 2 wds.
"___ me the money!" ("Jerry Maguire" quote)
Makes a request of
Villain, in professional wrestling
Pass by or jump over
"When the going ___ tough ..."
Phonograph speed: Abbr.
With 31-Across, "The King of Queens" actor who plays Principal Durbin on "A.P. Bio"
See 29-Across
Week-___-glance calendar: Hyph.
___-and-found department
Perfectly divisible by two
Emmy- and Tony-winning actress Neuwirth
First name of Danny Pudi's character on "Community"
___ Crème Frappuccino (spicy Starbucks drink)
Relative of a bee
"Saturday Night Live" producer who is one of the creators of "A.P. Bio": 2 wds.
Attorneys' group: Abbr.
Former Fox series that starred Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison
"Married to the ___" (1988 movie with Michelle Pfeiffer as a Mafia widow)
Illegally influence, as an election
Give off, as pollution



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