Crosswords With Friends February 13, 2018 Answers

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Soft hat, like a beret
Salve ingredient
People's ___ of China
Less hazardous
Completely destroy
Sit with the engine in neutral
Word by the first square in a board game, often
Have a ___ and fuzzy feeling
Furniture chain with a blue-and-yellow logo
"___ Girls" (upcoming Broadway musical based on a Lindsay Lohan movie)
What a cowpoke might call women
Apple desktop since 1998
Jamaican music genre
Fumble the ball
Least relaxed, like muscles
"Monsters, ___" (Pixar's fourth movie)
Brought into the church, often in infancy
High-pitched bark
Golf Hall of Famer Ernie
"Lara Croft: ___ Raider"
Do more ___ than good
Addition to a discussion
Sorkin who created "The West Wing" and directed "Molly's Game"
"Get Out of ___ Free" (card in Monopoly)
Cookie sometimes used in cheesecakes
Pinot ___ (type of red wine)
Computer language that's also a slang term for coffee
"No more Mr. ___ Guy!"
Soldier who's been captured by the enemy: Abbr.
Self-driving ___
___ Lanka (country in the Indian Ocean)
Do the butterfly or backstroke, for example
India Pale ___ (type of beer)
Automaker whose name rhymes with "rowdy"
Opposite of give
Taylor Swift's music genre
Project for a cinematographer
Comedian who voices Gene Belcher on "Bob's Burgers": 2 wds.
Place to grab a drink
Ambulance worker: Abbr.
___ like hotcakes (fly off the shelves)
"Glee" character who dated Mike
Comedian who voices Louise Belcher on "Bob's Burgers": 2 wds.
Curved path of a basketball
___ in a while (occasionally)
Downloads for tablets
Brief notes on Google Talk: Abbr.
Elementary school class that might involve finger painting
Comedian who voices Bob Belcher on "Bob's Burgers": 3 wds.
Special Policeman Wyatt who was at the O.K. Corral
Fly to great heights
Close, like a sleeping bag
In ___ of (substituting for)
Popular DVR brand
Umberto ___ ("The Name of the Rose" author)
What happens in a movie
Participated in a marathon
Water droplets on a lawn



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