Crosswords With Friends January 21, 2018 Answers

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Foil-wrapped Hershey's chocolate morsel
State whose capital is Boise
"It's ___ in the right direction": 2 wds.
Full of school spirit: Hyph.
___ Dhabi (United Arab Emirates city)
Sow or boar
Glass container for pouring wine
White ___ sheet: 2 wds.
___ Andreas Fault
Liable (to)
Language spoken in Bangkok
Group of bikers
Urgent care areas of hospitals: Abbr.
"The Cat in the ___" (Dr. Seuss book)
Rotate rapidly
Daisy Ridley's role in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
Chemical suffix for "acetyl" or "butyl"
High-pitched bark
Movie studio that made "The Wizard of Oz"
Boxer played in a biopic by Will Smith
Nickname for a physician
Take care of an overgrown yard
"How distressing!": 2 wds.
___ course (most important dish)
"One ___ in Time" (1988 Whitney Houston song)
Arab political group: Abbr.
Cable channel for "Monday Night Football"
___-Lay (snack food company)
Person who's pretending to be sick
"Game of Thrones" actress Headey
Christmas-themed Will Ferrell comedy
Summer zodiac sign
Actress Lucy of "Elementary"
Just fine, in astronaut lingo: Hyph.
"There but for the grace of God ___": 2 wds.
Carmaker headquartered in Seoul, South Korea
Perform like Lil Wayne or Future
House, in Mexico
Voters may have to present them: Abbr.
"Isn't that ___ much?": 2 wds.
"On the double," on a memo: Abbr.
Posed for a portrait
"Paddington 2" actor who says, "I'm too old and ugly to be the young leading man in romantic comedies now, thank God": 2 wds.
Organization that aids stranded motorists: Abbr.
Media figure whose Golden Globes speech fueled speculation that she's considering a 2020 presidential run: 2 wds.
The ___ of Iran (former ruler)
Actress Davis who co-presented an award at the Golden Globes
Magazine with Alfred E. Neuman on the cover
"Shotgun Rider" singer McGraw
Doom and ___ (pessimistic feeling)
Frolic about
Journalist whose new book "Fire and Fury" is based on over 200 interviews with White House officials and Trump's friends: 2 wds.
Bad-mouth, in slang
"Flatliners" actress who recently married dancer-choreographer Emma Portner: 2 wds.
___ & Tina Turner (former R&B duo)
Carrie Fisher's "The Last Jedi" character
Lunchtime, for many
Number of cents in a dime
Number of quarters in a dollar
The whole ___ and caboodle
British pop star Rita



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