Crosswords With Friends January 20, 2018 Answers

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We have 62 clues in our database for January 20, 2018.

"I'm shocked," in a text
TV ad for a good cause: Abbr.
What the "I" in 6-Down stands for
Movie critic Roger who died in 2013
Media watchdog agency: Abbr.
US agency that conducts audits: Abbr.
Nick who plays Richard Graves on the Epix sitcom "Graves"
Fuzzy brown fruit that's green inside
Hold tightly
Deep male singing voice
Data-containing item inserted into a computer: Hyph.
Bert's roommate on "Sesame Street"
More like a turtle or snail
Irish dances
Hershey's caramel candy
Two-time Oscar nominee Knightley
Madagascar or Maui, for example
From the country north of the US
Light brown color
Indian city that's among the world's biggest
Video-chat service
Drops to the ground
Legendary Yankees catcher Yogi
Certain hardwood trees
Bullets and bombs, for short
Actress Long who joined the "NCIS: Los Angeles" cast in 2017
And many more: Abbr.
Compass point opposite WNW: Abbr.
Do a tailor's job
Andy's son on "The Andy Griffith Show"
Fish's appendage
Soviet agency in "Bridge of Spies": Abbr.
Rachel Maddow's channel
___-Magnon man
Flatow who hosts public radio's "Science Friday"
Like posh communities with restricted access
Writer who created Narnia: 3 wds.
Muffs it
Writer who created Middle-earth: 4 wds.
Cable channel that airs three "Law & Order" series in syndication
Tavern frequented by Barney Gumble and Homer Simpson
Frosts, as a cinnamon roll
Actor Wheaton of "Stand by Me"
Take ___ day as it comes
Bottom of a sneaker
Noteworthy segments of a time line
Pro-gun lobby: Abbr.
Writer who created Oz: 3 wds.
Nebraska city where Marlon Brando was born
___-in-the-wool (unchanging in one's opinions)
Writer who created the Hundred Acre Wood: 3 wds.
Works loose with a crowbar
"___ Possible" (2002-2007 animated series)
Started, as a fire
Wipe clean, as a chalkboard
Hostess ___ Balls (sugary treats)
Cul-de-___ (dead end)
"There's ___ sheriff in town": 2 wds.



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