Crosswords With Friends January 12, 2018 Answers

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"Justice League" actress Adams
Noises from angry sports fans
Left-handed pitcher
Won all the games in a series
Sworn promises
TV's Nick at ___
Took a quick look
What a ponytail is made of
Largest ridesharing app
___ language (nonverbal signs)
Board game with weapons, rooms, and suspects
Not at all difficult
Blockage in a drain
Even's opposite
___-Ida (Tater Tots brand)
Channel with a recent "Facts First" ad campaign
Saved to the DVR
Insect that buzzes and stings
Lead-___ (openings)
Small iPad model
Home of baseball's A's
Actress Wilson of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2"
Restaurant that offers the Split Decision Breakfast, for short
"The ___" (reality show featuring Blake Shelton)
Came to a finish
Held on to
Unit used to measure farmland
"___ in Rome, do as the Romans do"
Pennsylvania city on a namesake Great Lake
It's comprised of the day, month, and year
Test ___ treaty
Muscles engaged in sit-ups, for short
Karaoke selection
Airline's main airport
Cow's call
Banshee's cry
___ San Lucas (Mexican resort town)
Person solving this puzzle right now
Feminine suffix added to "Henri"
Said something that wasn't true
Golden State Warriors point guard who led the NBA in steals per game in the 2015-2016 season: 2 wds.
Baseball caps, for example
The NBA's Cavaliers, on a scoreboard
Comment from a butterfingers
Company's head honcho: Abbr.
Slugger's stat: Abbr.
Golden State Warriors power forward who led the NBA in steals per game in the 2016-2017 season: 2 wds.
Mountain ___ (caffeinated soda brand)
Fleming who created James Bond
Applies a frozen pack to, as someone with an ankle sprain might
Liquid in a pen
Presidential denial
San Antonio Spurs small forward who led the NBA in steals per game in the 2014-2015 season: 2 wds.
Sound that bounces back
Lacking moisture
Apply a small amount of
Get ready to perform surgery, for short
Kind to others
Predicted landing hour: Abbr.
Number of years in a decade
Owner's certificate
Daniel in the lions' ___ (Bible story)



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