Crosswords With Friends December 31, 2017 Answers

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We have 62 clues in our database for December 31, 2017.

"Cash ___" (game show rebooted in December 2017)
Had breakfast
Dangerous substance in cigarettes
Made a sound like old floorboards
2005 film starring Will Smith as a dating consultant
Primate without a tail
"Murder on the Orient Express" actor Josh
Stuck waiting during a phone call: 2 wds.
US president whose name comes after Pierce alphabetically
Body parts you hug with
"That ___ a close one!"
Accept, as a challenge: 2 wds.
Place where you might find a directory of store locations
Geometric measure
Item that's offered by someone popping the question
Textile factories
Jail cell's occupant
Someone who keeps droning on and on
Hit ___ a solution
Burrows where foxes and wolves raise their young
Reveal, as a secret
Without showing anxiety
___ of Cambridge (title for Prince William)
Messages received online
Hiking trail
Sore, like one's back after heavy lifting
Quickly write (down)
Ginger ___
Up to ___ (thus far)
Helper in Santa's workshop
Turn to compost
Child's plaything
Simple game involving tossing a ball back and forth
A month ___ (around 30 days in the past)
Dog's foot
Company that made the early video game Pong
Streaming music service known for recommending songs
Special Forces member's green hat
"Father Figures" star whose real-life mother was often on set during filming: 2 wds.
"You need to clean up your ___!"
Trees with acorns
Carrie Fisher's costar in "Star Wars" and "The Last Jedi" who said "I learned so much from her": 2 wds.
___ Luyendyk, Jr. (auto racer who stars on the upcoming season of "The Bachelor")
"What ___ of a fool do you think I am?"
___ vase (small container for a single flower)
Let borrow
"A Nightmare on ___ Street" (1984 horror film)
Word that can mean "information" or "dummy"
Internet connection slowness
Soft drink such as Pepsi
Metal that is sometimes "cast" or "wrought"
Portrayer of Charles Dickens in "The Man Who Invented Christmas" who's a big fan of Dickens novels in real life: 2 wds.
"Breaking Bad" actor Aaron ___
Flightless bird of Australia
Actor Hugh who married the star of the first TV show he appeared on
Notification sent to one's phone
Shakespeare play featuring Iago
House made from ice or snow
"___ will be done ..." (phrase in the Lord's Prayer)
Tree that sounds like one of the vowels
Person who isn't right-handed



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