Crosswords With Friends December 30, 2017 Answers

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Quickly read through
Ancient citizen of Peru
Ogle in a creepy way
Talk off the ___ (prevent from making a disastrous decision)
Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse might star in one
The snowman in "Frozen"
Prejudiced person
___ Perk ("Friends" coffeehouse)
Ron Howard's character on "The Andy Griffith Show"
"Hold me closer, ___ dancer" (Elton John song lyric)
Pass across the bar code reader
"Holy cow!" to a texter
Doze on the couch, maybe
Common dosage for cough syrup: Abbr.
Be in the red
The Civil ___
On ___ (ready to be served, at a bar)
Sound made by a sledgehammer
Have some sporting fun in Aspen
Where Plano and Waco are: Abbr.
1996 Oscar winner Cage
White whales with prominent foreheads, like Bailey in "Finding Dory"
Rapper ___ Yachty
Miles ___ gallon
Insurance company with a duck mascot
Core belief
Former Dallas quarterback Tony
Second word of many fairy tales
Copenhagen native
Like your mouth after a shot of Novocain
One-third of a "Seinfeld" catchphrase meaning "etc."
Send out, like energy
Former soldiers, for short
Wooden strip below a window
Corn part that's the material for Frosty the Snowman's pipe
Beds in a barrack
Joint between the femur and tibia
Boxer Laila who was on "The New Celebrity Apprentice" in 2017
___ fail (fiasco)
How summertime tea is often served
Mechanic's old cloth
NPR correspondent Totenberg
English prima ballerina (1919-1991) who spent her entire career with the Royal Ballet: 2 wds.
Brooding music genre
Roofer's sticky black stuff
___ Mater (character in "Cars")
"I've ___ more important things to do"
"Blue Ribbon" beer brand
With 36-Across, Tchaikovsky ballet that was a highlight of 18- and 46-Across's long professional partnership
Catch, as a crook
See 32-Across
___ talk (encouraging speech to a team)
Meow ___ (cat food brand)
Federal espionage organization: Abbr.
"___ It Be" (Beatles song)
Soviet ballet dancer (1938-1993) who defected and joined the Royal Ballet: 2 wds.
Iridescent gem that sounds like a German car company
Schlep, as a heavy bag
"___ Lisa" (Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece)
Group for health-care professionals: Abbr.
Fix typos, for example
Along with zeroes, the only numbers in binary code
"9JKL" network
Body ink designs, for short



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