Crosswords With Friends December 26, 2017 Answers

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Porky or Petunia, for example
Father of Thor and Loki
Totem ___
Car company that makes the Soul and the Sportage
Unit of currency in Japan
Booster group for an elementary school: Abbr.
Exercise where you take a long step forward
See 15-Across
Long-___ memory
Ending for "Vietnam" or "Sudan"
Ear part that gets pierced
Military no-show: Abbr.
Button that puts bowling pins back in place
Elevations: Abbr.
Grime in a woodstove
Person who might help you avoid an audit: Abbr.
NBC drama on which 15-Across/9-Down portrayed Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier
Former tennis player Ivanovic
Price sticker
Animal used in lab testing
"Note to ___ ..."
Actress Dushku
Cheats at hide-and-seek
What a baby might call its mother
"Better Call ___" ("Breaking Bad" spin-off)
"The Fate of the Furious" actress Pataky
Low-___ (diet-friendly)
Not old
What skin bronzer emulates
Boo-___ (weeping sound)
Stage of a journey
"___ Goes the Weasel"
Blue expanse above our heads
Piece of china
Words said in front of a priest: 2 wds.
"American ___" (1999 comedy starring Jason Biggs)
Adjusts, as a piano
With 9-Down, actress who portrayed Dana Scully on "The X-Files"
___ the Giant (wrestler who acted in "The Princess Bride")
Gas found in many colorful signs
Sparkly stone
Large animal on California's state flag
2013 Joaquin Phoenix film
Liniment can relieve it
"Wild Wild ___" (#1 hit for Will Smith)
Stopped standing
Health resort
Flowers in a romantic bouquet
___ tight schedule: 2 wds.
___ Solo (Harrison Ford role)
A-Rod's first name
Get caught, like a piece of fabric on a nail
A goalie plays in front of it
Compose an email
$1,000,000, for short
"What ___ is there to say?"
___ fever (what a snowbound person might experience)
BBC drama on which 15-Across/9-Down portrays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson: 2 wds.
Totally impress
Just peachy: Hyph.
"___ only as directed" (medicine bottle warning)
Legal drama that starred Corbin Bernsen: 2 wds.
Words of rejection
Trail behind



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