Crosswords With Friends December 13, 2017 Answers

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Lifelong pal: Abbr.
"___ be right there"
Casual shirt
Excused from paying taxes
Throw in the ___ (give up)
One, in Spanish
Male buddy, in slang
Bullets and such, for short
Numbers that are high for valedictorians: Abbr.
Key in the upper-left corner of a keyboard
Tallied up
___ good to be true
Bangkok native
Followers of Attila
Split ___ (hair problems)
Rustic lodging place
Sound from a pigeon
Tablet with a Retina display
Paradise in Genesis
A gambler might place one
"___ to a Nightingale" (Keats poem)
People who read computer manuals
Entering on a keyboard
Wipe clean, as a whiteboard
"Hamilton" composer ___-Manuel Miranda
Island where Honolulu is
Cover in festive paper
Secretly include in an email chain: Abbr.
Up to this point
High-tech hospital scan: Abbr.
"Small" term that starts many rappers' names
Cheer heard in a Spanish soccer stadium
___ off more than you can chew
Basin to take a bath in
What tree rings indicate
Check your biceps in the mirror
Places to enter a highway: Hyph.
Rock group with the 1979 single "Sara": 2 wds.
One of the Three Stooges
Number that comes after 6-Down
Rock group with the 1978 single "Roxanne": 2 wds.
"The ___ for Red October" (1990 film based on a Tom Clancy novel)
"Forget about it, it's not happening": 2 wds.
This ___ that
Lead singer on "Mysterious Ways" and "With or Without You"
Pea holder
Sent out, as an all-points bulletin
"The Handmaid's ___" (Hulu series)
Rock group with the 1977 single "Peg": 2 wds.
Be in debt to
Letters on a tombstone
Singer with the 1974 single "Mandy": 2 wds.
Drinks taken after other alcoholic drinks
Major water source for Sudan
1/16th of a gallon
Reason for extra innings, in baseball
Former Fox show mainly set at McKinley High School



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