Crosswords With Friends December 11, 2017 Answers

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"Hey, what's the big ___?"
"The ___ Show" (TV talent contest hosted by Mike Myers in disguise)
Scottish kilt pattern
"A Bad Moms Christmas" actress Cheryl
Sow one's wild ___ (live it up)
Benjamin who voices Ernesto in "Coco"
The ___ Ness monster
Seventh or Park, in New York City: Abbr.
"___ dead, Jim" ("Star Trek" line)
Comment sometimes described as "caustic" or "biting"
Deep cut
"___ the Wild" (2007 movie directed by Sean Penn)
Letters on a naval vessel
Unruly throng
The Caspian ___
Driver's licenses and passports, for example: Abbr.
Item in Santa's sack
"Young Frankenstein" hunchback
Man-___ shark
Close at hand
Digital storage medium: Hyph.
Movie about a red-haired orphan
New Age glow
___ Grey tea
"Doctor Zhivago" star Sharif
The Tampa Bay Rays' stadium has one as a roof
___ dieting (cycling of weight losses and gains): Hyph.
Wooden pin in a coatrack
Shared by both of us
Fruit that's commonly grown in Turkey
Vietnamese noodle soup
Far from interesting
"What else could ___?": 2 wds.
Someone you can't trust
Roam about
"10 from ___" (great score from one of the "Dancing With the Stars" judges)
Starting stake in poker
Flawless tennis serves
"Gosford Park" actress who appeared in "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel": 2 wds.
They might precede previews in a movie theater
Industrious insect
Crafts used in alien abductions: Abbr.
Mohawked star of "The A-Team": 2 wds.
Park yourself on a barstool
"The Secret Life of Bees" actress who appeared in "Hotel Rwanda": 2 wds.
Place where movies are made
Talk a lot
The Big ___ (nickname for New Orleans)
Simple bed for an extra hotel guest
Group that rescues stranded drivers: Abbr.
"The Pianist" actor who appeared in "The Grand Budapest Hotel": 2 wds.
Rain cats and dogs
Dog in "Peter Pan"
Sound from a cow
Currency of Germany and Portugal
True courage
Five-time Oscar nominee Adams
Small metric weight
Jonny ___ Miller ("Elementary" star)
___ Speedwagon



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