Crosswords With Friends December 09, 2017 Answers

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"___ the Science Kid" (former PBS Kids series)
Military conflict
Live to a ripe old ___
Kid who runs riot
Rowboat paddles
"___ of these days ..."
Program that allows face-to-face chatting
"PBS NewsHour" anchor who served in the Marine Corps: 2 wds.
Paper-free, like an exam
Clubs for cricket players
Apartment building division
"What a ___!" ("Too bad!")
Have sore muscles
"The Golden Girls" star who served in the Marine Corps: 2 wds.
No Doubt lead singer ___ Stefani
"Physician, ___ thyself"
"Mind your ___ business!"
Aromatherapy liquids
Nudge with a finger
"Stop, horse!"
___ Candy (character in 2017's "Wonder Woman")
Father-___ (spouse's dad): Hyph.
British noblemen
Seasoning in a shaker
Continent that borders three oceans
"___ Poets Society"
Sound-boosting boxes
Ending for "Japan" or "Siam"
Red Roof ___ (hotel chain)
Type of income that isn't gross
The Sultan of ___ (Babe Ruth's nickname)
Shouts from a displeased crowd
ZipRecruiter listing
"Othello" villain played by Kenneth Branagh in the 1995 movie
Admiral or general, for example
Roth ___ (tax-sheltered nest egg): Abbr.
"The Price Is Right" host who served in the Marine Corps: 2 wds.
Pad for a yoga instructor
Filberts and pecans, for example
___ up stakes (moves)
___ Blue Ribbon (brand of beer)
Hackman of "The French Connection"
Hockey surface
"The Tonight ___" (NBC late-night program)
Denny's alternative, for short
Begin to melt
Lamb's mom
Music group such as Rush or Nirvana
Rice who writes novels about vampires
Antlered animal with a bugling call
Agitate, like muddy waters
Short and to the point
The Prince of Darkness
___ processor (computer-related occupation)
Chimney residue
"Cat Ballou" star who served in the Marine Corps: 2 wds.
"Kill Bill" actress Lucy
"Right away": Abbr.
Toe the ___ (do what's expected)
Black goo used by road crews
Stuck in the mail



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