Crosswords With Friends December 07, 2017 Answers

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Mos ___ (rapper)
"Rise of the Planet of the ___" (2011 movie)
Get clean in the tub
Skillet: 2 wds.
Judge's field
Airport schedule approximation: Abbr.
TV sports awards
"Livin' on a ___" (#1 hit for Bon Jovi)
Serving of corn
Wells Fargo device: Abbr.
Black or white part of a piano
DVR brand with WishLists
Perform in "Hamlet," for example
Home to the Yankees and Knicks: Abbr.
Apprehend, as a criminal
American spy organization: Abbr.
Dutch ___ disease (tree problem)
Ending for "ghoul" or "girl"
Crime scene evidence, sometimes: Abbr.
First name of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's son, born in June
Young fellow
TV self-help guru: 2 wds.
Needle's opening
Each and every time
Sports squad
Overly maudlin
Crush with the foot, like grapes
False's opposite
Singer ___ King Cole
Half of two
___ loss for words (speechless): 2 wds.
French phrase in some recipes: 2 wds.
Los Angeles NFLer
Quiche ingredient
Small amount of hair gel
Go on the lam
Mountain's apex
Smog-control group: Abbr.
Animals similar to mice
Give three out of four stars, for example
"Trap Queen" rapper who released a self-titled #1 album in 2015: 2 wds.
General's fighting force
Yacht, for example
"Bring Me to Life" rock band who released a self-titled #1 album in 2011
Jet-black gem
Oregon ___ (historic US route)
Cards that can prove you're of legal drinking age: Abbr.
Vehicle hailed in a city
Sound effect similar to "Kapow!"
Rudely sarcastic
Joseph had one "of many colors"
"Sign of the Times" pop singer who released a self-titled #1 album in 2017: 2 wds.
Split ___ soup
Power measure for a light bulb
Miley Cyrus's younger sister who's also a singer
"Ain't It Fun" alternative band who released a self-titled #1 album in 2013
Multiplatinum 2016 Rihanna album
Broadway show
Ceramic coffee cup
Green-blue color
Starchy Thanksgiving side dish
A square ___ in a round hole



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