Crosswords With Friends December 01, 2017 Answers

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Word meaning "nincompoop" that reads the same forward and backward
Currency of Ireland and France
Wedding cake layer
No longer fashionable
Gear for an ocean diver
Go nowhere while the engine's running
Need for ___ (street racing video game franchise)
Person whose words can't be believed
Know the ___ and outs
New York baseball player
___ clock (timepiece containing a noisy bird)
"Now You See Me" actress Fisher
Stiffness in the neck that might require a massage
Woman in "Fifty Shades of Grey," for short
"New Year's ___" (Jessica Biel movie)
Wedding reception music managers: Abbr.
Alicia Vikander's role in 2015's "Ex Machina"
Jar cover
Coated with frost
Dress rehearsal: 2 wds.
Actress Kurylenko of "Quantum of Solace"
Uneasy feeling
With 27-Across, female boxer who retired undefeated
Nixon's first vice president, Spiro ___
Personal energy field that a psychic might claim to "read"
Colossal film
Stick a fork into
Event when coupons might not be honored
Country on the Persian Gulf
___ Leppard (English rock band)
Issa ___ (creator and star of HBO's "Insecure")
"You can ___ your bottom dollar"
"___ Love You" (Beatles song): 2 wds.
___ pickings (few options)
Yes, to a Parisian
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" band
Tree that produces turpentine
Stuff that's picked from a mine
Helmsman on the USS Enterprise
To the right, on a map
German tennis star who coached 30-Across from 2013 to 2016: 2 wds.
The Baltic or the Bering, for example
His murder is described in Genesis 4:8
Actor Cheadle of "Hotel Rwanda"
See 38-Down
Serbian tennis star who has won 12 Grand Slam singles titles: 2 wds.
Legal drinking ___
Agency with 1040EZ forms: Abbr.
"___ Marmalade" (#1 hit in 1975 and 2001)
"Baa, baa, black sheep, have you ___ wool?"
Internet connection problem
American tennis star who became 30-Across's coach in 2017: 2 wds.
Percocet, for one
"___ the Air" (2009 George Clooney film): 2 wds.
Black roofing material
"I can't believe my ___!" ("Did you really just say that?")
Longest river in Africa
Chicken ___ king: 2 wds.
Sound from a raven
Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers



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