Crosswords With Friends November 25, 2017 Answers

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"The Man in the Iron ___" (Leonardo DiCaprio movie)
Jai ___ (game that's popular in Miami)
Snapshots, for short
Landlord's document
Language spoken in London: Abbr.
Home of Des Moines and Dubuque
"Galaxy ___" (1999 sci-fi comedy)
Virginia or Vermont, for example
Across the Atlantic, perhaps
Go headfirst into water
"Rolling in the ___" (Adele song)
Name used to address an Amazon Echo
"I ___ born this way" (Lady Gaga lyric)
Pie ___ mode: 2 wds.
"Traffic" Oscar winner Benicio ___ Toro
Administers the oath of office to: 2 wds.
Miracle-___ (gardening brand)
Company that sells Web access: Abbr.
Coffee without a kick
Corporate honcho: Abbr.
Get satisfaction from
Small section of a play
Number of "blind mice"
Basketball Hall of Famer Chamberlain
Length times width, for a rectangle
Just ___ (not very many): 2 wds.
Continent connected to Europe
Concave cooking vessels often made of carbon steel
Tied the ___ (got married)
Course for some immigrants to America: Abbr.
Toronto ___ Leafs (NHL team)
Measures of smartness: Abbr.
Martian, for example
No longer in style
Contend (for)
Indian woman who accompanied 33-Across on part of their expedition
She wears fig leaves in many paintings
Member of Congress with a two-year term: Abbr.
Mother sheep
Lipton drinks
30- or 60-second spots on TV
Woodcutting tool
"The ___ Ninjago Movie"
Leaders of the 1804-1806 expedition to explore the new Louisiana Territory: 3 wds.
They sometimes fill pint glasses
"• • • – – – • • •," translated from Morse code
Some nonhuman primates
Foldaway bed
"Gears of ___" (video game series)
Promoter of campus sports: Abbr.
Dove's opponent at a peace rally
Agency with auditors: Abbr.
President who bought the Louisiana Territory and arranged for its exploration
Hawaiian accessory
Start of a head count
Japanese watch company
What a pale person might want to get at the beach
Wood in Voldemort's wand, in the Harry Potter books
"To say the ___!"



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