Crosswords With Friends November 22, 2017 Answers

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Small flaps on folders
Leave out
Competitions shown on "Toddlers & Tiaras"
Punctuation mark separating items in a list
Creme-filled cookie
Becomes confused about where one is on a journey: 2 wds.
Not cool
"Give me your tired, your ___ ..." (words below the Statue of Liberty)
Large canvas bag
Carry-___ (airplane bags that aren't checked)
Maybelline Great ___ (brand of mascara)
"As a matter of ___ ..."
License plate
Singer/actress Rita who was in "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Artist's sketches
"How ___ Supposed to Live Without You" (1990 Michael Bolton hit): 2 wds.
"With this ring I thee ___"
Purported sightings in Roswell, New Mexico: Abbr.
___ loose (chill out)
Channel that broadcasts congressional hearings: Hyph.
"August: ___ County" (2013 Meryl Streep film)
Rocker ___ Jett
Continental coin
New York canal
Daytime talk show host Kelly
Lad's opposite, in Scotland
Forensics-based TV franchise
Small piece in a machine
"What've you been ___?": 2 wds.
Group for physicians: Abbr.
It's processed into metal
12:00 p.m.
Came across
Red ___ (cinnamon candy brand)
"Possessive" #1 John Parr song from 1985: 3 wds.
Small battery size
Once around the track
2,000-pound weights
"___ McStuffins" (Disney Junior show)
Hit a ___ nerve (mention a sensitive topic)
"Possessive" #1 Christopher Cross song from 1981: 2 wds.
Service station purchase
___ Tuesday (what "Mardi Gras" means)
Word that can follow "folic" or "sulfuric"
Animal in Chick-fil-A ads
Number spelled out on the back of a penny
"Possessive" #1 Rick Springfield song from 1981: 2 wds.
___ d'├ętat (political uprising)
Gun owners' group: Abbr.
By way of
Singer Bareilles who wrote the music for the Broadway show "Waitress"
Booking for a musician
Short recordings on vinyl: Abbr.
Barge ___ (interrupt): 2 wds.
"Didn't I tell you?"
Courtroom prosecutors: Abbr.



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