Crosswords With Friends November 15, 2017 Answers

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We have 37 clues in our database for November 15, 2017.

___ Yun-fat (Hong Kong actor)
Mercedes-Benz competitor
Film spool
Comic actor ___ Baron Cohen
Fundamental truth
"If the shoe fits, ___ it"
Receptacle used to make devil's food, red velvet, and marble creations: 2 wds.
Ex-___ (former prisoner)
Tax-deferred savings plan: Abbr.
Compact ___ player
Daughter of Tom Cruise
December 24 and December 31, for example
Product made by Pirelli or BFGoodrich
Speak disrespectfully to
Helper: Abbr.
Mix with a spoon
Tree with longleaf and loblolly varieties
Group that awards the Vince Lombardi Trophy: Abbr.
2005 hurricane that devastated New Orleans
Spinning toy on a string: Hyph.
Spiritual leader often portrayed perching on a mountaintop
"Downton ___" (former British drama)
"Miracle ___" (term for a 1980 Olympic hockey victory by the USA): 2 wds.
Liability's opposite on a balance sheet
1980s music duo whose name included an exclamation point
Small unit of weight in the metric system
Luminous, New Age-y glow
Rodent hero of "Ratatouille"
Franken and Sharpton, for two
Position of a golf ball
Mike and ___ (candy brand)
Lumber-cutting tool
Spiny plants in the desert



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