Crosswords With Friends November 11, 2017 Answers

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Quite fitting
Side-walking crustacean
"Don't talk to me in that ___ of voice!"
"Hawaii Five-0" costar Caan
Manages the stress
Actor Pally of "The Mindy Project"
"The Walking Dead" actress McBride
First word of many fairy tales
A litter box may give off an unpleasant one
Weight unit for heavy cargo
Second-oldest brother in the Jackson 5
Actress Cannon
___ of spades (playing card that sometimes symbolizes death)
Animal sound sometimes heard in a meadow
Mess up
Most common word in English
Word that can go before "tide" or "snorter"
Bug with a tiny waist
Pride in oneself
Creepy stare
Member of the X-Men named after a type of mythological being
___ and void (having no legal force)
Adhesive used in kindergarten art projects
Diet that purports to emulate what cavemen ate
What the flower girl and ring bearer walk down
___ bargaining (legal activity)
Washington-to-Maine direction
"7th Heaven" actress Jessica
Website where high-rated users are called PowerSellers
Exercise that may involve sitting cross-legged
"I'd give my right ___ ..."
"Little ___ Blue" (nursery rhyme)
The Affordable Care ___ (health law)
Grifter's scheme, such as the "Nigerian prince" email con
Footwear that Italy is said to be shaped like
Amateur's opposite
___ of conduct (set of rules about behavior)
"Cancel my last action" software command
Bronze glow from a day in the sun
Iridescent stone from Australia
Fashion ___ (someone people try to dress like)
Singer/actress headlining the current Broadway revival of "Hello, Dolly!": 2 wds.
"___ no big deal"
Pink Floyd lead singer Barrett
Assist in a crime
Agency that X-rays your airport luggage: Abbr.
"Norma ___" (1979 Sally Field movie)
Singer/actress who headlined the original production of "Hello, Dolly!" in 1964: 2 wds.
___, nose, and throat doctor
Organ treated by an ophthalmologist
___ snuff (adequate): 2 wds.
Chest muscle, for short
Singer/actress who headlined versions of "Hello, Dolly!" in 1967 and 1975: 2 wds.
Word said with a regretful sigh
Liquids that can remove squeaks from hinges
Comedian Newhart
Take a load off
Banana's skin
Many moons ___ (a long time back)
Husband or wife
___ gin fizz (cocktail)



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