Crosswords With Friends November 08, 2017 Answers

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Troy's pal on "Community"
Mah-jongg piece
Rapid eye ___ (what "REM" stands for)
Lisa Simpson, to Bart
Rock band's sound booster
Jacket for a skier
Return to the ___ of the crime
Single ___ Scotch
Beverages that are sometimes "pale"
Tissue thickness measurement
Part of the eye with color
"... one ___ Survivor" (line often said by Jeff Probst)
"The Bourne Identity" organization: Abbr.
"The Little Red ___" (children's story)
Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
Watergate and Iran-Contra, for two
___ Beta Kappa
Prefix for "productive" or "violence"
"Shame on you!" noise
They aren't earthlings: Abbr.
Not quite closed
Animal sound in "The Lion King"
Present a case in court
Competitor of Aquafresh
Company that made "Super Monkey Ball" video games
Not "for here," in a fast food restaurant: 2 wds.
Weight loss plan
Bound and determined
Device that lets you check your bank account balance: Abbr.
Drains the energy from
It can direct you from one place to another
Life story, for short
Apple computer with a Magic Keyboard
"Of ___ the nerve!"
The King of Rock and Roll: 2 wds.
White-tailed ___ (forest animal)
Shoelace tangles
With 37-Across, the King of Pop
Single-piece outfit for an infant
"NFL Insiders" channel
Removable part of a grenade
Up the ___ (increase the stakes)
"Fashion Police" cohost Margaret
"Toodle-oo!": Hyph.
Injure, as a back muscle
See 19-Across
Beatles drummer Ringo
Finds the sum of
The King of Country: 2 wds.
Easter ___ hunt
Buyer of tech devices
Uncle ___ (character on "Seinfeld")
Former Chinese chairman
Jazz singer James played by Beyoncé in "Cadillac Records"
Gas additive brand



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