Crosswords With Friends October 18, 2017 Answers

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Zoo enclosure
Luke Wilson's actor brother
"For he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can ___"
Actor Holbrook
"On a scale of ___ to ten ..."
Japanese singer Yoko
Song such as "How Great Thou Art"
Twilight's Edward Cullen, for one
Manning of the Giants
One of Ginny Weasley's brothers
A comforter covers it
Touch, as an app's icon
Pomeranian's bark
Lil ___ Vert (rapper with the 2017 top 10 hit "XO Tour Llif3")
"If the shoe ___, wear it"
Flexible part of a pet door
Green fruit that is a good source of vitamin C
October's birthstone
Tropical fish holder
Sink or ___
Leaning Tower of ___
Scored perfectly on
"The ___ of the Cave Bear" (1980 best seller)
Bring on more employees
Opposite of sick
Best condition on eBay
Label in a Facebook post
Spiders spin them
Word that can go after "IV" or "postnasal"
"Pet" that sprouts green "hair"
"This must weigh ___!": 2 wds.
"Amazing, ___ it?"
Sunscreen bottle letters
Possessive pronoun for a couple
"Suits" channel
Government group that can monitor cell phone data: Abbr.
"Neither snow ___ rain ..."
Stamp-pad liquid
Cape ___, Massachusetts
"Turner & ___" (1989 Tom Hanks movie)
Part of speech such as "has" or "was"
Dumbstruck feeling
Succulent known as "the potted physician"
1968 Glen Campbell hit whose title refers to how the rivers of his memory flow: 4 wds.
One-named singer of "Orinoco Flow"
Start of a football play
Cream ___ (sweet dessert)
Charles Lindbergh was one
Place for a mud wrap
Zero, in slang
Kelly of "Live With Kelly and Ryan"
1968 Glen Campbell hit whose original version was inspired by telephone poles: 2 wds.
"___ what you're getting at": 2 wds.
___ change (loose coins)
Animal related to the reindeer
___ Speaker (how Nancy Pelosi was addressed from 2007 to 2011)
"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" hero Scamander
Trendy purple berry
1977 Glen Campbell hit whose lyrics praise the "precious beauty" of the skies: 2 wds.
"If ___ comes to shove ..."
Large, shaggy animal represented on Wyoming's flag
Cable channel formerly known as PAX
The ___ ("How to Save a Life" band)
"You can't start a fire without a ___" (Bruce Springsteen lyric)
Insect that lives in a mound



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