Crosswords With Friends October 09, 2017 Answers

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Opening that sweat passes through
"4:44" rapper: Hyph.
Item often seen atop a Christmas tree
2010 Usher hit featuring
Seek the affections of
In dire need of a map
"Better Call Saul," to "Breaking Bad": Hyph.
Decaf dispenser, perhaps
Marshy area where cranberries grow
Grab some shut-eye
"___ was saying ...": 2 wds.
___ & the Gang (funk band)
In days of ___ (long ago)
Gambler's calculations
African country that's also a boy's name
___ Krishnas (religious group)
Sports reporter Andrews
Wear a long face
Symbol of hope seen in the sky
Group that includes Hawks and Pelicans: Abbr.
"Well, excusez-___!"
What a hit might earn in baseball: Abbr.
Stuck-up person
"Green ___ and Ham"
Stash away
"Young Turks" singer ___ Stewart
"Give me ___ good reason ..."
"For what reason?"
___ v. Wade (historic court case)
What some people wear to bed, for short
Bird that's the mascot for Tootsie Pops
Cracklin' ___ Bran (brand of cereal)
Cow's call
___ Bowl (NFL all-star game)
"La La Land" actor who stars as LAPD Officer K in "Blade Runner 2049": 2 wds.
Actor Miller of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
Muffin ___ (type of baking pan)
The most populous city in the world
Guerrilla leader Guevara
Drink through a straw
___ Network ("Chopped" channel)
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" actor who reprises his role as Rick Deckard in "Blade Runner 2049": 2 wds.
Big song in an opera
Big container for popcorn
Guitar pioneer ___ Paul
Blue jeans fabric
Substance mentioned in some cigarette warning labels
Nickname of Harry Truman's wife
"House of Cards" actress who plays Lieutenant Joshi in "Blade Runner 2049": 2 wds.
Music legend Yoko
Cry of surprise that's similar to "Aha!"
Gloppy stuff
What makes grass slick in the morning
"You reap what you ___"



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