Crosswords With Friends September 22, 2017 Answers

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Flow away from the land
Eddie's cop partner, on "The Simpsons"
Swift attack in basketball: 2 wds.
Summon with a hand gesture
Comedian DeGeneres
India pale ___ (hoppy beer)
Departing from the norm
Actress Berry of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"
"The best defense ___ good offense": 2 wds.
Something a bowling ball knocks down
Red, ticklish Muppet
Like desert climates
Parking ___ (places to put cars)
Pennsylvania city or New York canal
Orange ___ (breakfast beverage)
Get closer to normal, like a hospital patient's vitals
Large, red farm building
Unforeseen problem
From England
Small sheltered inlet
Spoken rather than written
What some people cut off of their sandwiches
Stuff that makes bread rise
"The Dark Tower" star Elba
Chili ___ carne
Shock and ___ (military strategy)
Roth who directs horror films
Swampy area
Actress Ryan of "When Harry Met Sally ..."
Helper at Santa's workshop
One of many round objects strung on a rosary
Where your hands are if they're "akimbo"
Feathery scarf
Actress Fanning
Continent that shares Turkey and Russia with Europe
Vehicle featured in "Speed"
With 41-Across, NBA team in Ohio that 36-Across had played for since 2011
"___ it or leave it" ("Make your choice")
___ at ease (anxious)
Star forward who forced 36-Across into a sidekick role when he returned to Ohio in 2014: 2 wds.
Utah senator Hatch
Family game with a 108-card deck
Cable channel that airs "People of Earth" and "Angie Tribeca"
Like games that go into overtime
___ the dust (died)
"Hawaii Five-0" actor Scott ___
"Under the ___" ("The Little Mermaid" song)
Evil soldier in "The Lord of the Rings"
Snake with a hood
Point guard who asked to be traded (and is going to the Celtics) to escape 21-Across's shadow: 2 wds.
Have dinner
Prearranged shoot-out
See 16-Across
Computer company whose longtime slogan is "Think"
Needs to repay a loan
Narrow opening in a skirt
Actress Kravitz of the "Divergent" movies
"America's ___ Top Model"
"Ssssss" sound from a snake
Three-___ omelet



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