Crosswords With Friends September 16, 2017 Answers

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Classic lunchbox sandwich, for short
State whose capital is Montgomery: Abbr.
Full payment made all at once to a lottery winner: 2 wds.
Make ends ___ (get by financially)
Baby goat
Baseball pitcher's statistic: Abbr.
Immobilize by tying tightly
"The Hitman's Bodyguard" costar Oldman
Actor Claflin who played Finnick Odair in the "Hunger Games" movies
___ fever (seasonal allergy)
Bed ___ & Beyond
Feel really sore
Meat-and-potatoes meal
Groups of construction workers
Douglas ___ (kind of tree)
Opposite of quiet
"___ Was a Rollin' Stone" (Temptations song)
First name of two of Henry VIII's six wives
"... ___ it would seem": 2 wds.
"Your Moment of ___" (concluding segment of "The Daily Show")
Outer planet named for a Roman sea god
Shade of blonde
The Hulk cocreator ___ Lee
"This is bad!": 2 wds.
"___ Diary ..."
Amino ___ (building block of protein)
Mini-albums: Abbr.
"Who ___ we kidding?"
Roadside rescue
Sturgeon eggs
Football player next to a tackle
Tropical tree that coconuts grow on
___ Largo, Florida
Purse or tote
Out of the ___ (unexpectedly)
Intense anger
Tax-sheltered savings plan: Abbr.
Author of 32- and 46-Across: 2 wds.
School fund-raising group: Abbr.
"An apple ___ keeps the doctor away": 2 wds.
Largemouth fish
"Back to the Future" hero Marty ___
Misbehave: 2 wds.
___ de Janeiro
Back in the past
Dystopian young adult novel that was turned into a 2014 movie: 3 wds.
Chop down with an ax
Bench for parishioners
Results of minor car collisions
___ Stark (Sophie Turner's role on "Game of Thrones")
Coin in Acapulco
Cream ___ (soft drink)
Plopped down on the couch
Second sequel to 32-Across, which is being turned into a 2018 movie: 3 wds.
California's Santa ___ winds
Zero ___ (locate): 2 wds.
"This is neither the time ___ the place"
Do some work on "Project Runway"
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