Crosswords With Friends August 28, 2017 Answers

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We have 37 clues in our database for August 28, 2017.

Short-term office worker
Far from good
"___: Warrior Princess"
Easy paces at horse races
Forensics show with three spin-offs
Industrious insects
Spread on a club sandwich
Makes a boo-boo
Flamenco cheer
"Most likely"
Continental currency since 2002
Musician Wentz of Fall Out Boy
Member of the GOP: Abbr.
Card game that uses chips
"You ain't seen nothin' ___!"
"Much ___ About Nothing"
Some German autos, for short
Sound from someone slipping into a warm bath
Shape that can be isosceles or equilateral
Band that had the #1 hit "Take on Me": Hyph.
___ up (accelerate, like an engine)
Where Pocatello and Twin Falls are: Abbr.
Tongue-clicking noise
At the specified time, in the theater: 2 wds.
ATM charge
Spider snare
Phrase spoken right before people become newlyweds: 2 wds.
Fictional swordsman known for leaving his mark
Heat until a solid becomes liquid, like butter
"Desperate Housewives" character ___ Britt
Jackson Five hairstyle
Put overhead, as luggage
With 19-Across, where a baseball catcher is
Make an illustration
"An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" star Al
Females who are herded by sheepdogs
___ bran muffins



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