Crosswords With Friends August 26, 2017 Answers

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Anderson who plays Piper on Nickelodeon's "Henry Danger"
Lewd stare
Ocean hazard hit by the Titanic
Wartime fighting force
"Shut yer ___!" ("Quiet down!")
College student's focus
Person from Mecca or Riyadh, probably
Small, medium, or large
Pungent ingredient in household cleaners
Spill the beans about everything: 2 wds.
Player in the big leagues
Snake that allegedly killed Cleopatra
Legendary Yankee Gehrig
"The Handmaid's Tale" actress Dowd
"Made in ___" (clothing label, often)
Dallas college that Laura Bush attended: Abbr.
High hit in tennis
Go ___ rampage: 2 wds.
Fruit in Newton cookies
Baltimore baseball team
Manufacturer of Frisbees and Hacky Sacks: Hyph.
Greek writer of fables
Really remarkable thing
What Jack Horner pulled from his pie, in a nursery rhyme
Norm's never-seen wife on "Cheers"
Cubes tossed in games
Derby or bowler, for example
Where you can buy a freshly made sandwich
One-seventh of a week
TV sitcom that featured Radar and Hot Lips
Power for a light bulb: Abbr.
"Are you a good witch ___ bad witch?": 2 wds.
Solo vocal piece at the Metropolitan Opera House
Run away
Little League official, for short
1992 Toni Morrison novel about a love triangle in 1920s Harlem
1981 Toni Morrison novel about an educated fashion model in love with a poor fugitive: 2 wds.
Actor Maguire who was the first to play Spider-Man in movies
CPR provider, often: Abbr.
Price ___ pound
Clock's wake-up sound
Firefox or Safari bookmark: Abbr.
___-mo (replay technique)
1977 Toni Morrison novel about Macon "Milkman" Dead growing into manhood: 3 wds.
"No ___ intended"
Actress/director Vardalos
Dutch island off the Venezuelan coast
Hairpiece for RuPaul
Boxer once played by Will Smith
___ male (dominant guy)
1987 Toni Morrison novel about an escaped slave haunted by her daughter's ghost
1973 Toni Morrison novel about a woman shunned for flouting accepted behavior
"Elvis ___ left the building"
___ Strauss (jeans entrepreneur)
Judge Heidi on "America's Got Talent"
"A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away ..."
Hall of Fame running back Dickerson
Wrestling for Japanese heavyweights
Common medicine amount: Abbr.
Bargain event at the mall



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