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"Machete" actress Jessica
Business agreement
Brief detour off the beaten path while sightseeing: 2 wds.
Prolonged assault, as on a castle
Organization concerned with freedom of speech: Abbr.
___ disease (condition that requires a gluten-free diet)
___ pole (tribal symbol)
Has debts
Fishes that may be electric
90-minute weekend comedy series: Abbr.
"Where the Wild Things Are" author Maurice
___ the fat (have a chat)
Word that can follow "maiden" or "middle"
"Me," to a mademoiselle
Tech company headquartered in Armonk, New York
"Why does this keep happening to me?!": 2 wds.
___ Dhabi (wealthy city in the Middle East)
Just the ___ of the iceberg
"It hit me like ___ of bricks": 2 wds.
"A stitch in time saves ___"
Person who's really good with computers
Aesop story
Run out of water: 2 wds.
Overhanging part of a roof
Court order
"What ___ around, comes around"
"This can't be good!": 2 wds.
Road atlas publisher ___ McNally
The Hope Diamond, for one
They may use jingles to help sell things
Cul-de-___ (dead-end street)
Digits a pedicurist works on
Floral necklace from Hawaii
Chills, like a champagne bottle
"Jurassic World" hero
Michael Jackson studio album that followed "Thriller"
___ Woods ("Legally Blonde" character)
Show and ___
Actor who played 29-/32-Across in the 1970s and 1980s: 2 wds.
On ___ double (quickly)
Actor ___ Baldwin of "The Last Ship"
Thick muck
NFL quarterback ___ Newton
___ Geo Wild (cable channel)
With 32-Across, mentor to Luke Skywalker: Hyph.
See 29-Across
Rule-breaking little kid
Tater ___ (fried potato morsel)
Live ___ (celebrate wildly): 2 wds.
Warning cry on a golf course
Genetic code material: Abbr.
Actor who played 29-/32-Across in the 1990s and 2000s: 2 wds.
Chips ___ (cookie brand with a Candy Blasts variety)
"So that's what you meant!"
In ___ of (substituting for)
No room at the ___ (biblical problem for Mary and Joseph)
Parcel (out)
Purported mind-reading skill: Abbr.
Signal "yes" with a head movement



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