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Network that airs "Antiques Roadshow"
Hot temper
Actress Long of "Dear White People"
Gillette razor brand
Purina Dog ___
Male sheep
Aviation company that makes small planes
Skater Lipinski who had a June wedding with Todd Kapostasy
___-back (relaxed)
Nicolas of the "National Treasure" movies
Job for Sherlock Holmes
Candy in a decorative dispenser
House pet with claws
Biblical shepherd slain by Cain
Banana ___ (ice cream treat)
"Would ___ to You?" (Eurythmics song): 2 wds.
"The Accountant" actress Kendrick
"Are we there ___?"
"There's no ___ crying over spilt milk"
Female sheep
___ Gupta, MD (CNN's chief medical correspondent)
Husband of Beyoncé and father of newly delivered twins: Hyph.
Followed orders
Actor Cumming or Alda
Misplace, as one's sunglasses
Actor Hemsworth who stars in the frontier thriller "Hickok"
He won Album of the Year at the 2015 Grammys
Apple pie ___ mode: 2 wds.
Documentary filmmaker Burns
Pop singer Carly ___ Jepsen
Self-serve coffee container
Person who steals state secrets
What bowlers try to knock down
Animal that looks similar to an alligator, for short
R&B duo whose 2017 comeback album features the song "Way Back"
"GLOW" star Alison
"The Tortoise and the ___" (Aesop fable)
Skinny battery size
Focus of the documentary "Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story": 2 wds.
Big ___ (large truck)
David of "Rules of Engagement"
___ theory (Ian Malcolm's specialty in "Jurassic Park")
Type of function in trigonometry
Actress who plays a profane 14th-century nun in "The Little Hours": 2 wds.
Golfer's peg
NFL quarterback Manning
Big college in Manhattan: Abbr.
"Saturday Night Live" star who hosted the 2017 BET Awards: 2 wds.
Disney who built theme parks
Decrease in strength
"Hard Out Here" singer Lily
"Catch you later!"
Baseball player Gehrig who was known as "the Iron Horse"
Transgender "Glee" star Charice Pempengco's new name: 2 wds.
"It couldn't hurt to ___"
Dancer ___ Mazo, whose wife Edyta Sliwinska had a baby on June 18
Old West lawman Wyatt ___
Formerly named, on the society pages
Pull hard
Say no to



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