Crosswords With Friends July 04, 2017 Answers

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We have 68 clues in our database for July 04, 2017.

Animals with scratching posts
Be in pain
Purplish root vegetable
Training ___ (undergarment for a tween girl)
Metal fasteners paired with nuts
Cola brand with names on 20-ounce bottles this summer
Cable channel featuring "Sister Wives"
Deserving of a medal for valor
December 24 and December 31, for example
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Ticklish Muppet on "Sesame Street"
"___ '70s Show"
"Is there an ___ in here?"
Big rigs
Crude dwelling
Fireplace residue
"I Can ___ Clearly Now" (1972 Johnny Nash hit)
Stranded driver's need
___ and hers
URL ending for universities
Great distress
Coral formation in the ocean
Letters that aren't consonants
Pointy attachment for a cowboy boot
"Boyhood" star Hawke
"Beat it!"
"Funny Girl" star Sharif
24/7 cash sources: Abbr.
Machine part with teeth
Opening in a fence
"Malcolm X" director Spike
Fish that produces electricity
Vehicle that contains a meter
TV network whose headquarters are in London
Subject of an essay
Card that wins lots of tricks
Marsupial friend of Pooh
Equal, like a playing field
Daytime TV show with Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert: 2 wds.
Ice ___ cone
"Pineapple Express" actor Rogen
V-neck ___-shirt (casual top)
Norwegian capital
Stomach muscles, for short
Former CBS forensic drama
"___ makes waste"
Daytime TV show with Mario Batali and Carla Hall: 2 wds.
"It's no ___!" (cry of despair)
Bride's partner
Bride's wedding promise: 2 wds.
Daytime TV show with Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg: 2 wds.
Magazine edition
10% of ten
Psychic's "power": Abbr.
Like a turtle or a snail
"___ chance!" ("No way!")
Australian sheepskin boots
Animal that stores fat in its hump
Daytime TV show with Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Bailon: 2 wds.
"___ of Two Cities" (Dickens novel): 2 wds.
Ginnie ___ (home ownership agency)
Snacked on
"Weekend Update" show: Abbr.
Color on the US flag



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