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Updated on July 24, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Crosswords With Friends Solver is a website where you can find the answers for the daily crosswords of the popular Zynga game, Crosswords With Friends.

This page is updated everyday with the latest clues but if you want to browse the archive you can use the calendar or the links on the sidebar.

The last update of July 24, 2021 has 59 clues, all of which are answered below.

Answers for July 24, 2021

Young terrier or spaniel
Casual address for a surgeon
___ for tat (appropriate response)
Soap ___ rope: 2 wds.
"A Wrinkle in Time" director DuVernay
Haircut that's tapered on the sides
___ and don'ts
Music genre for Tyler, the Creator
Bar that connects wagon wheels
Sci-fi author whose 2013 novel "Ancillary Justice" won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards: 2 wds.
Federal agency that regulates dietary supplements: Abbr.
Bolo ___ (New Mexico's state neckwear)
"You gotta help me!," for example
Keep ___ distance (stand back): 2 wds.
Sci-fi author whose 2010 two-volume novel "Blackout/All Clear" won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards: 2 wds.
Place for laser hair removal
___ Luis Obispo (California city)
Noise from a sty
Chuck Schumer's party affiliation: Abbr.
Paper that has the answers for a test
Sci-fi author whose 2017 novel "The Stone Sky" won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards: 3 wds.
The femur is the longest one in the human body
"Two heads ___ better than one"
"Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" network
Took advantage of
___ ring (foot jewelry)
___ big to fail
Make a seam
To the bitter ___
Item in a bird's nest
"___ Save America" (political audio series)
Game where you try to get rid of your cards before the other players
California city where "The Big Bang Theory" takes place
"Aw, heck!"
Shape of hand soap, often
Legislative capital of South Africa: 2 wds.
Vehicle called from curbside
Wait in neutral
Very informal shirt
Indian flatbread
___ Field (Queens ballpark)
Flip-___ (casual rubber sandal)
Devices that often come with Windows: Abbr.
Derek Jeter, to Mariano Rivera, for 19 years with the Yankees
Drive off, as one's friends
Very, very small
The first "A" of Reddit's "AMA"
"That makes things clearer": 2 wds.
2021 Disney show about Thor's adopted brother
Spun records at a party
It's found between the cheeks
Was sure of
Metal that's susceptible to rusting
A team's ranking at the start of the March Madness tournament
Type of public transportation
Where to harvest cranberries
Small part in a machine

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