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Updated on April 23, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Crosswords With Friends Solver is a website where you can find the answers for the daily crosswords of the popular Zynga game, Crosswords With Friends.

This page is updated everyday with the latest clues but if you want to browse the archive you can use the calendar or the links on the sidebar.

The last update of April 23, 2019 has 61 clues, all of which are answered below.

Answers for April 23, 2019

___ Angeles County (where Pasadena is)
Tabby or calico, for example
Thirty minutes, for an NFL game
"I've got it down to a fine ___"
___ standstill (not moving): 2 wds.
Lacking moisture, like a desert climate
Yards ___ carry (football statistic)
Very young child
Company that sells flat-pack furniture
Animated series on Comedy Central: 2 wds.
Playfully bashful
Ejects from political office
"You can take ___ the bank": 2 wds.
Grown calf, often
Sweet ___ (fragrant flower)
Educational series on Comedy Central: 2 wds.
It's used to move a motorless boat
Serpentine fish
Dispensers of "fast cash": Abbr.
Sharp weapon that's thrown at its target
___-inclusive resort
Recently ended sitcom on Comedy Central: 2 wds.
Latin American country that's home to Machu Picchu
"We ___ not amused"
"Well, gosh!"
One of the pairs in a "dead man's hand," in poker
Helpful suggestion
A magician might pull a rabbit out of one
Took a trip on
Waited in the dugout
Prefix for "pod" or "athlete"
Swim ___ (travel back and forth across a pool)
___ Dream Extreme Cheesecake (Cheesecake Factory dessert)
Any large item that's made, like a building or a bridge
Character whose final comic strip revealed her pregnancy
Resting on
Londoner's "Bye-bye!": Hyph.
Nonrhyming, three-line poem
"Boner's ___" (former comic strip set on a boat)
Be deliberately incorrect
Federal group that oversees medications: Abbr.
Mickey Mouse or Porky Pig, for short
Word that's a homophone of "rose"
Best Picture Oscar winner in 2016
In the short ___ (for the immediate future)
Blurts out
Vows for a couple: 2 wds.
Mouse ___ (kids' board game)
Marxist revolutionary Guevara
Fuel that could be found in a reservoir
"Dawson's Creek" actor Smith
Very soft rock
Treat terribly
Grains in Cap'n Crunch cereal, along with corn
Song you'd hear in an opera house
Make a rip in
Fictional creature of the Himalayas
Score that falls between birdie and bogey
Umberto who wrote "The Name of the Rose" and "Foucault's Pendulum"
Roll out the ___ carpet

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