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Updated on December 01, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Crosswords With Friends Solver is a website where you can find the answers for the daily crosswords of the popular Zynga game, Crosswords With Friends.

This page is updated everyday with the latest clues but if you want to browse the archive you can use the calendar or the links on the sidebar.

The last update of December 01, 2020 has 64 clues, all of which are answered below.

Answers for December 01, 2020

At the drop of a ___ (very quickly)
The "O" of "BYOB" or "MYOB"
Piece of luggage
Egyptian goddess who is also a DC Comics superhero
"You're a ___!" ("You make me laugh so hard!")
Huntsville's state: Abbr.
Musical about rock singer Turner that came to Broadway in 2019
Palo ___ (California city where Tesla is based)
High-___ graphics
New Fox prime-time soap opera starring Kim Cattrall: 2 wds.
Washed (off), in a garden
Word that can follow "baby" or "dog"
October birthstone
Municipality that's smaller than a city
"Major Dad" actor who costars on 18-Across: 2 wds.
Person who looks down their nose at you
Generic dog name, similar to Rover
Robot who's WALL-E's love interest
Word before "Baby" and "Kim" in rappers' names
Beginning, as of cold symptoms
Actress (married to 33-Across) who starred on a 1982 soap opera parody also called 18-Across: 2 wds.
Need to pay back money to
___ avail (hopeless): 2 wds.
Image that shows a doctor what's inside of you: Hyph.
Cookie ___ (kitchen container for baked treats)
Comes to a stop
Musically adjust, as a piano
Carry-___ (pieces of unchecked luggage)
Female deer
Border between a picture and a frame
High-grossing movie or best-selling album
"It's just ___ feared!": 2 wds.
"___ Cup" (1996 golf movie starring Kevin Costner)
Like exams taken out loud
Droop, like a thirsty plant
Actor Chris of "The Good Wife"
Singers whose range is between bass and tenor
NBA shooting guard Burks
Deep cut
Umpire's call when the runner isn't tagged out
Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, in Pixar films
Long-running TV singing competition, for short
Actress Hayworth whose poster plays a big role in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption"
Doesn't share with others
Sign posted when a shop is welcoming customers
Items used to transport babies
Adobe Acrobat file format: Abbr.
"___ the only one?": 2 wds.
Modern TV display: Abbr.
"___ got each other"
Russian word for "no"
"I promise this won't hurt ___": 2 wds.
"Castle" on a chessboard
Past due
What a cashier says when it's your turn
Place to practice karate
Actor McGregor of "Christopher Robin"
Role for Craig, Connery, or Moore
Computer command that can save you if you've made a big mistake
Type of wine that's neither red nor white
Butter ___ (Life Savers flavor)
Nickname of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine
Right up to now

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